The Amazing World of Coca-Cola


Drank Drunk by practically everyone on the planet, Coca-Cola is arguably the most recognizable brand in the world. The company sells 1.5 billion units a day, and that's not the most fascinating fact about it. The rest of this infographic has more mind-boggling statistics about the Coca-Cola Company.


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Active Transitive: "He drank beer."
Passive: "The beer was drunk."
Adjectives: "He is drunk. The drunken sailors."

Would you say "The beer was drank"?
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They still make glass bottles in Mexico. I live in Arizona and see them in the stores here all the time. They have a little label on them stating they are from Mexico. Not sure if the label can be removed.
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"Drunk" vs."Drank"? Is this a regional thing, like "Soda" vs. "Pop"? Not trying to argue, I just find it interesting. I would say "drank". I grew up in Michigan. To me "drunk" infers inebriated. But then, I am a reformed drunk. I drank way too heavy when I was younger.
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