Military Installations Converted Into Homes

A well-insulated 20,000 square foot home complete with an airstrip and a Jacuzzi sounds really nice. This one is underground in an abandoned missile silo! It was once the home of an Atlas-F missile built for the Cold War, but it’s been converted into a luxury home. See seven such military installations now used as living spaces. Link -via Dark Roasted Blend

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I don't remember the exact town, but there is a medium sized base near a small seaside town in Alaska that has been abandoned and the homes therein are available for lease/purchase. Oh! And lets not forget about the ...Flats in Nevada where the abandoned nuclear test site is. They have some lovely fixer-upper bungalows real cheap, quiet neighbors (actually non-existent), and it's not that far from Las Vegas. Ha!! Just kidding about the last one.
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When I was in high school (mid-70's) there was a de-comissioned Nike missile installation in our town (Vashon Island, WA) and some friends and I broke in to the grounds and found a padlocked hatch. We came back with bolt cutters and broke in to find a huge empty underground control center that looked like all the equipment had just been torn out of the walls. We had huge parties down there for several days running - it was great fun until the local authorities caught on. Apparently the U.S. govt still owned it and did not really like it when people trespass in a top-secret federal missile installation.
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I'd be worried that there were still 100 russian missiles pointed at the house/silo, long forgotten hardware from the cold war or something!
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