Sketchpad (c. 1963): The Ancestor to Modern CAD Software


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In 1963 Ivan Sutherland created Sketchpad, a drawing device for architects and graphic designers. It's functions are still cutting edge today.

Check out the Sketchpad (and its nifty light pen) in action in this video clip.

- via swiss-miss

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by \'\' JKirchartz.

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It is extremely impressive considering when it was made but I have to say that compared to modern CAD/CAM applications it falls short, so perhaps not cutting edge today.
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Reminds me of Little Big Planet level creator. . .
only in two dimensions. . .
and just outlines. . .
and black and white. . .
and without the cute music.
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"Sketchpad (c. 1963): The Ancestor to Modern CAD Software"

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