The BraDryer: Quite Possibly the World's Most Uselessly Cool Gadget

Really, do we need this? It seems they are still patent-pending and looking for investors but it shouldn't be long before wide-eyed male venturists begin pouring their dollars into what could be an ill-fated rather than revolutionary home gadget.
The BraDryer is a patent pending technology dedicated to answering bra drying glitches with intensive care. It aims at drying bras via a female torso-shaped device while ensuring that fabric, wiring and padding remain intact.

Link - via gizmowatch

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Urbanist.

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Silly me. That's what I thought the backs of chairs were for.

Everyone knows not to put your bras in the dryer.

An hour or so on the back of a chair, and they're dry.

Why did someone invent this? Must have been a guy.
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Yeah, Rhiannon...according to many informative e-mails I have been getting, women want to stare at a huge bulge that I can have if I buy their product.
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"The BraDryer: Quite Possibly the World's Most Uselessly Cool Gadget"

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