A Wintery Touchdown Celebration

So, it snowed during the New England Patriots-Arizona Cardinals game today (I'll let you guess where they were playing). Of course, that means that touchdown celebrations have to be taken to a whole new level, like this one from Patriot Wes Welker:

What do you think? Rude, or funny? Personally, I enjoyed it.


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This reminds me of a story about the Australian, NBL (National Basketball Leauge) in its heyday.

After a bad call call made to one player he asked
"Hey Ref, can i get a tech-foul for what i'm thinking"??

The ref replied "No of course you can't"

Player then responds "OK...I think you're an A$$hole"

Let the boys play, and celebrate a little
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Makign a snow angel is 'unsportsman-like'? Man, in MotoGP, after various wins, Valintino Rossi has:
Whipped out a Doctor costume and performed an 'examination' of his bike
Pretended to be a bowling ball and bowled himself into 10 fans dressed as bowling pins
And a dozen other things I don't know of in addition to wheelies, burnouts, etc.
Not to mention giving Biaggi the bird while going around a corner at 90mph.

I don't think they are unsportsman like, just over the top.
Seems silly to me, just make a 5 second rule and leave it at that.
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