Sandwich Board Man (No, Not That One) Got a Job

When we posted about Paul Nawrocki wearing a sandwich board advertising himself for a job, many of you say that it would never work.

But such a tactic did work, at least for this guy:

An out-of-work banker who became a symbol of the looming financial crisis by trudging Manhattan streets wearing a sign advertising "MIT grad for hire" has landed on his feet - scoring a well-paying job at an accounting firm.

In a more hopeful sign of the times, Joshua Persky got rid of his sandwich board and demonstrated that creative people can bail themselves out without any help from the government. [...]

What sealed the deal for Joshua? Why, it's a blog:

"The publicity I got from the sandwich board encouraged me to set up a blog to document my experience," said Persky, 49.

A headhunter spotted the blog and brought it to Weiser's attention.

"Obviously, I had vigorous interviews, but I think it was [the blog] which sealed the deal," Persky said.

Link | Joshua's blog Oracle of NY - Thanks Geekazoid!

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I'm in the process of hiring a person to my team. I like this guy's creativity. In my opinion, you HAVE to stand out with nearly 7% unemployment. This guy has the skill and he showed he was willing to market them.
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