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What's in that pillow?


There are laws that say mattresses, pillows, and other bedding must have a tag stating its composition. This pillow had the tag, and the manufacturer was honest in saying they just don't know what's in there! This was submitted to Consumerist.
I had a pillow that says 'contains textiles of 100% unknown kind' on that tag that says 'Do not remove under penalty of law'. Kind of defeats the purpose of the tag, and I'm wondering what is in my pillow. Used underpants? Human hair? It does say 'all new materials' but that might just be 'new to me.'


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Clearly, it is composed of the hair of Jews, homosexuals, leftists, rightists of competing ideologies, intellectuals, soldiers of conquered territories, dissidents, subversives, Reds, and Vivimancers.
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maybe it is just filled with something that is hard to spell. I could see the worker thinking "i before e... except after c.... crap... i am just going to put 'unknown'"
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"What's in that pillow?"

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