Top Ten Vegetarian-Friendly Prisons

150_vegetablesPETA has compiled a list of US prisons that best cater to the diets of vegan and vegetarian inmates.
We get calls all the time from inmates who want to make a positive change in their lives by going vegetarian, and in the course of responding to these individuals, we’ve assembled the following list of the top 10 vegetarian-friendly prisons in the United States as a tidbit for curious citizens, a resource for prisoners’ rights groups, and, well, a menu for future inmates.

Link -via mental_floss

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I just wonder what chicken and "dumpings" taste like.

The funny thing about many vegetarian meals is how they always try to recreate meat in vegetable format. Seems a little hypocritical.

Most vegetarians I've known are not uppity about it, but you meet a few that spoil it for everybody else.
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"Good grief. Have you people completely given up on the idea of rehabilitation? "

Yes. But don't let the decades of proof shatter your rose colored fantasy world.
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i see lots of reference to veggies and legumes, some dairy. No reference to meat.

People who eat meat = rednecks?
I refuse to fall for your kneejerk reaction inducing comment. Thats terribly trollish of you Jamie.
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Kerozene: Meat makes farts stink waaaayyy worse than vegetables and fruits do. I am surprised I have to tell anyone this.
Also, vegetables and fruits only make the people who don't get enough fiber in their diet gaseous. Fiber is a type of carb.
Also, as the people who eat the most meat are fat rednecks , being a vegetarian or vegan is much cooler (and hotter.)
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