Throwing down the Gauntlet

150_duel25aCurious Expeditions has a rundown of several of history’s more interesting duels. For example: Two ladies dueled in 1792 over a comment one made about the other’s true age!
The ladies dueled first with single shot pistols. The duel came within a foot of fatal when Mrs. Elpinstone’s shot went through Lady Braddock’s hat. Despite the calls of their seconds (every principle duelist must have a second, a sort of right hand man - or madame, in this case) to cease and desist, the determined ladies switched to swords. A short round of fencing ensued, and Mrs. Elphinstone was wounded in the arm. Through her pain, she agreed to write a letter of apology. Honor restored, the ladies curtsied and headed home.


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"Throwing down the Gauntlet"

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