Trash Art

Tim Nobel and Sue Webster creates amazing shadow effects using piles of trash.


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"'Bizarrely, it wasn’t inspired by [Noble & Webster],' he says. 'We did look at their work, but discovered that their art isn’t an actual cast of the objects in front of it - their images are constructed by a projection above...'"

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all the "photoshopped!" responses are dead wrong. this artist duo has been doing this in galleries and museums for a long time. many, many people have seen these in person.
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I'm not bothered with the re-post (it's a very neat piece of art - a good refind, GeekAlerts!) but I wasn't happy with the linkjacked source. I think sites like oomza should be avoided when posting in the future.

Please edit the link to the original website when you get a chance, GeekAlert.

Here's the previous post on Neatorama about Tim Noble and Sue Webster's Dirty White Trash [With Gulls] 1998.
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