Strange Death: Misguided Faith and Atheist Lion

Following up on Miss C's recent post of strange deaths, here's one suggested by Alistair Strachan of Fortean Times, the case of a misplaced faith and atheist lion!

A man shouting "God will save me if he exists", lowered himself by a rope into the big cats’ enclosure in Kiev zoo, Ukraine, on Sunday, 4 June, when the zoo was packed with visitors. He then took his shoes off and went up to the lions. A lioness knocked him down and severed his carotid artery, killing him instantly.

For more strange deaths, see Fortean Times' collection, Strange Days: Strange Deaths - Thanks Alistair!

And of course, check out Neatorama's own 30 Strangest Deaths in History

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Artbot, I was thinking the exact thing. Terry Colon rocks! I used to read Filler every Wednesday. You can still find all the old posts:

In fact, this would make a good front page neatorama post for all the youngsters that have never seen it.
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Matthew 4:7 "Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God."

I don't think this idiot believed in God, or he wouldn't have added "...if He exists".
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