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Blogging About Blood Donation

Carl Huber of the WAREHOUSE wrote an article about his experience donating blood to the Red Cross. He wrote:

"You Have Too Much Blood" - so why not go donate some at the Red Cross?

I secured permission from the Public Relations department of the Red Cross to photograph my donation visit. I want you to join me on a trip in an effort to help people get over their fears and trepidation about donating blood. Come on everybody - wouldn't it be great if the Red Cross's only problem was too many donors?

Link - Thanks Carl!

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Hi great article. I have set up a blood donation

campaign which encourages stadiums to set up annual blood donation events, its an idea which is popular in America. I am already in talks with another NFL team and an English Premier League team.

Please support the campaign at: http://www.stadiatech.com/blood-drive-campaign
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Hey guys I am Bhushan Ghate from Nagpur, India. I am suffering from anklyosing spondylitis since 1989 & i am bed ridden since 1996. I am interested in blood donation but cos of intake of painkiller i cannot donate blood. But in India only 1/3 of the require amount of blood is donated. So i want to create awareness among the people to donate blood. So any body can help me please tell me how to do. My email id is bhushanghate2007@gmail.com.
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The gay issue...you know its because of HIV and the reason you get tested every 6 months is that it can come up anytime. And are you still having safe sex all the time? Didn't think so.
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um, i own some leather shoes and an old belt. i even once had a 'Leatherman' pocket tool that i got for x-mas once but sorry dude i wear boxers and occasionally cotton briefs when i feel the need for some extra support (like at my union affiliated construction job). my original posting was more a comment than a complaint. and actually, now that i think of it i have given blood more than once when i was younger and my office had a blood drive. oops, i hope nobody accidentally got gay. maybe that person is now wearing the leather panties i guess i'm required to own.
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