I'm 55% Bionic, How About You?

To promote the new Bionic Woman series (anyone think this is going to last more than a few episodes?), NBC has created the Bionic Assessment Test. The test is five very short mini games testing hand-eye, memory, and math skills. Apparently, there's unlockable content if you score 75% or better. Since I apparently have no hope of achieving that distinction, I offer a no-prize to the first commenter that can describe the unlockable content in the comments below. (More Neatorama bionic posts here.)

And since this is my first Neatorama post, here's a bit about me: the last three books I enjoyed were George R.R. Martin's A Feast For Crows, China Mieville's The Scar, and Peggy Rathmann's 10 Minutes till Bedtime; last two comic books I enjoyed were Kurt Busiek's third Conan collected volume (The Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories), and Warren Ellis's Iron Man: Extremis; and my all-time favorite movies are Get Shorty and The Freshman. Feel free to mock/compliment my taste and/or "bionicness" below, or at my own site.

*Update: Congratulations to Steven for being the first to 75%, and being clever enough to cheat. I'm sure you would have dominated the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Check your email for your no-prize. (I'm glad I didn't invest a lot of time in attaining 75%, that prize seems a bit lackluster.)

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I hope the show lasts more than a few episodes; I've seen the pilot and it's suprisingly good. There are a lotta folks from the new Battlestar Galactica involved with it, and who would've thought that show could be good?
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I can't get past the first test... I've been able to touch type since I was about ten years old. I can type faster than I can talk, and I never need to check my hands to see what I'm typing. So having to completely relearn a whole new keyboard layout is so confusing...
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Haha, I got 68%... On my first try... No cheating.

Do I get a cookie?

I messed up the hearing thing, but I got 75% straight for the first 3 tests...
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