Fark is running a great Photoshop contest entitled "lolpresident". The concept is the same as the often funny, yet often annoying, internet phenomenon of lolcats (or lolwalruses, or even lolpossums) - just take a real picture of a president and add a short funny caption.

The lolpresident above was my favorite, but there's tons of other good ones as well. Link [Fark]

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It must be sad to be 20 and already such a crotchety cranky person.

I thought the lolpresident thread was quite funny, and educational.
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its a cute idea that was funny...but now has been run into the ground till we're sick of it. Why cant people know when to quit?

lolcat toys - comming to a wal-mart near you.
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I despise this form of captioning. I don't get the appeal of spelling things wrong intentionally. I'm only 20, but things like this make me feel OLD! I think it's because I've never used the expression(?) lol, or rofl, or any of the others.

I fear for the English language.
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