192 Nations in Ten Minutes.

150_20060515.jpgYou had a lot of fun naming the fifty nifty Unites States in ten minutes. Now for the real challenge: how many of the 192 countries who are members of the United Nations can you name in ten minutes? I got nearly half of them. The nerve-rattling clock and my typing skills betrayed me. Link -via the Presurfer

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I missed 74 countries, but found that my typing them slowed me down. I could certainly name them faster. Also, I tried "Congo" and "Democratic Republic of Congo" but it wanted "Democratic Republic of THE Congo". I also couldn't figure out why it wouldn't accept "Zimbabwae" (there's only supposed to be one "a", and I didn't have a chance with "St. Kitts" (It wanted "Saint Kitts"). It didn't accept "Federated States of Micronesia", and since when is New Guinea not a country? Some countries I knew but didn't have a hope of typing. You try to spell "Kyrgyzstan" without a reference.
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What next, name all 5,039 major cities of the world? ;)

Neat idea, although once I get outside the Northern Hemisphere I'm done for.
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