World's First Test-tube Baby Now a Mother of Her Own Baby Boy.

Louise Brown test tube baby has a babyThe world's first test-tube baby, Britain's Louise Brown [wiki], has become a mother on December 20, 2006 of her own baby son Cameron John Mullinder who was naturally-conceived but born by Cesarean section. Below are snips of the excited mother's interview from Dailymail:
....He's tiny, just under 6lb, but he's perfect. We were lucky in that Wesley [Louise's husband] and I were able to conceive naturally. We'd only been trying for about six months so it was obviously much easier for us than for Mum and Dad. I don't know if the fact that they tried so hard to have a baby had any effect on me but I have always wanted children. I worked as a nursery nurse for three years and I always knew that one day I would want to have my own.

Lots of people have asked me if I had to do anything differently because I was born by IVF, but I didn't. I didn't have to take any extra precautions or have any extra checks. I was meant to have a natural birth but, as Cameron was breached, and they were worried about the amount of fluid in the womb, I had to have a caesarean.

It's not how I'd wanted to do things but the main thing is that he's safe and healthy....


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