We Sent the Aliens the Wrong Star Map!

Ever wonder why we haven't been visited by aliens yet? Or, for those who said that we have been visited by alians, then: Ever wonder why not even more aliens come to visit?

I blame pluto: turned out we sent the wrong map for our alien overlords friends! The Pioneer plaque [wiki], which was put on board the spacecraft Pioneer 10 and 11 showed 9 planets! No wonder they can't find us!

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A bigger problem with the picture of our solar system is that shows only Saturn as having rings. In fact, all of the giant planets in our solar system have rings: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
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That's a pretty pointless observtion.

The fact that pluto isn't counted anymore doesn't change the fact that we're still the third planet from the sun; the map is still correct.

Plus how do you know that the aliens don't have a different classification system than we do meaning that the map is correct to them.
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