Milky Way Galaxy Over Utah.

Wally Pacholka of AstroPics took this breathtaking photo of the Milky Way Galaxy over Capitol Reef National Park in Utah - something us city folks just don't get to see...

Link [Astronomy Picture of the Day]

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Nice picture but did you no that we are not apart of the milky way galaxy.

We are actually part of the segitarious A galaxy.

This can be proved by how the milky way appear's in photos.

If you look at the above photo then you will see that the milky way galaxy appear's in a diagonal line from the bottom right up to the top left.

Very Interesting hay.?
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This is a great picture.
Can I ask you how long of an exposure this was? Is it multiple exposures?
Did you light up the mountains with a strong light of some sort?
And at what mm was this shot? Did you use a telescope?
Lots of questions. Love the photo!
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